Hospice and Palliative Accrual for Recertification

The certification renewal process at HPCC is called the Hospice and Palliative Accrual for Recertification (HPAR), which requires fulfilling practice hour requirements and accumulating required points through various professional activities. All professional development activities achieved by the accrual method should extend knowledge and improve the certificant’s practice of hospice and palliative care. The requirements of HPAR help to demonstrate continuing competence by allowing professionals to exhibit critical thinking skills and express competencies through continuing education, scholarly accomplishments, and professional contributions.

The ACHPN®, APHSW-C, CHPCA®, CHPN®, CHPPN®, and CPLC® credentials all renew through HPAR. CHPLN® certificants have the option to renew by HPAR or by testing.

How to submit your HPAR Application

Once you have met the requirements for recertification, you will be able to submit your application. During the submission process, you are required to attest that you meet all requirements for recertification and make payment for your application. You will be notified within 30 calendar days of the status of your application. Please note application review may take longer than 30 calendar days if your submission coincides with a holiday or office closing.

To expedite the review of your application and to be notified of its status within five business days of submission, a $200 fee will be assessed in addition to the regular application fee.

Some LearningPlans are selected for random auditing. If your plan is selected, you will be notified and documentation for completed activities will be requested. Once you submit your audit requirements, you will be notified within 30 calendar days of the status of your renewal.

If you find that you need help or assistance, call the HPCC national office at 412-787-1057, email us at hpcc@gohpcc.org, or watch our LearningBuilder video that will help you from sign in to the submission of your LearningPlan for approval.

Certification Verification Tool

This is a free resource created to assist those looking to verify a professional’s HPCC certification status. Names of individuals currently certified by HPCC are available through the link below.

HPAR Packets