LearningBuilder is the platform HPCC uses for recertification for the ACHPN®, APHSW-C, CHPCA®, CHPLN®, CHPN®, CHPPN®, and CPLC® certifications. Through LearningBuilder, each certificant has an individual LearningPlan where they can enter their activities required for renewal. Once you submit your renewal application, it may take up to 30 days for approval.

Getting Started with your LearningPlan

Access your LearningPlan, Enter your activities, and Submit your Application

Continuing Education Resources

[free continuing education for HPCC certification renewal]

These specific continuing education resources are not required for renewal. HPCC provides these lists for those looking for CE credits to complete their renewal.

Free CE List

The Next Generation LearningPlan for Recertification

During your recertification, most courses completed through HPNA University, and the POLARIS modules, will automatically sync with your LearningPlan. Courses outside of HPNA will need to be entered into your LearningPlan. Automatic syncing is not retroactive, and courses completed before October 13, 2020, must be entered. If you have questions about if a course will sync with your LearningPlan, please get in touch with us by email at hpcc@gohpcc.org.

Printing your Certificate

To print your HPCC certificate, log into LearningBuilder, download your certificate, and print. You can also download and print a verification letter as needed. Watch the LearningBuilder video to learn more.

Purchasing your Certificate

If you would like a professionally printed certificate mailed to you, you can purchase a certificate for $25. The certificate will be mailed to you in about 60 days. Watch the LearningBuilder video to learn more.