What is reTEST Assured?

Taking an examination can be stressful, and while the majority of our candidates are successful on the first try, some are not. To relieve a bit of stress, HPCC has implemented the reTEST Assured Program, which offers any candidate who was unsuccessful, the opportunity to retake an exam for $125. The reTEST Assured Program must be used in one of the three test windows immediately following the exam window in which the candidate was unsuccessful.

How to apply

  • Download and fill out the paper application (found in the back of our candidate handbooks)
  • Return your application to PSI exams by the ONLINE application deadline for the testing window you would like to schedule an exam.


What is the cost for the reTEST Assured Program?

The cost is $125 for the examinations, which covers the application, administration, scheduling, and seat fees.

Is there a member discount for reTEST Assured?

No, there is no member discount for the reTEST Assured program. The cost is $125 for each examination.

Does my hospital or employer need to be a member of the Employer Partner Program (EPP) to use the reTEST Assured program?

No, individual APRNs, RNs, Pediatric RNs, LPN/VNs, nursing assistants, and social workers can apply to retest using the reTEST Assured program. Members of the EPP are invited to use the reTEST Assured program for their employees.

Can I use reTEST Assured for a different exam? (For example – did not pass the CHPN exam and want to sit for the CHPPN exam as my second retake)

reTEST Assured must be used for the same examination of your unsuccessful attempt.

How soon can I use reTEST Assured?

reTEST Assured must be used in one of the next three test windows. (For example – test in the September window and must retest in the December, March, or June windows.) There will be no exceptions, transfers, or extensions.

How do I request to use the reTEST Assured Program?

Complete the paper exam application and select reTEST Assured, pay the $125 reTEST Assured fee, and submit to PSI by the online application deadline (e.g., retest in March, submit between December 1 & February 15; retest in June, submit between March 1 & May 15; retest in September, submit between June 1 & August 15; retest in December, submit between September 1 & November 15).

Can I retest in the same testing window I was unsuccessful?

No, candidates must wait until the next testing window to retest.

How many times can I use the reTEST Assured program?

Candidates can use the reTEST Assured program one-time after submitting a new application.

What happens if I'm unsuccessful after using reTEST Assured?

Candidates who do not pass the examination after using reTEST Assured must submit an initial application and fee.