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As part of the “It Takes a Hive to Thrive” campaign, HPNF will feature stories that highlight how donor support empowers professionals to make a lasting impact on patients, families, and communities.

Kristen Adelman, MSPC, BSN, RN, CHPPN®

When donors contribute to HPNF, they are supporting incredible nurses such as Kristen Adelman, who works at Transitions LifeCare as the Kids Hospice and Palliative Team lead.

Adelman has been a pediatric nurse for almost 17 years and practiced in a variety of settings, including inpatient pediatrics, school health, pediatric home care, and private-duty nursing, before joining Transitions LifeCare when the kids program launched in September 2015. She became a Certified Hospice and Palliative Pediatric Nurse (CHPPN®) in 2016 and completed a Master of Science degree in palliative care in 2023 (while raising two young children).

With the support from an HPNF scholarship to attend the 2024 Annual Assembly, Adelman had the opportunity to present a poster titled “Educational Intervention Developing Self-Awareness, Bias Identification Skill in Pediatric Palliative Care Team.” The purpose of her project was to educate palliative care clinicians about the need to develop self-awareness and identify biases when caring for seriously ill patients and their families.

This was Adelman’s first time attending the event. “I was impressed with the amount of pediatric and neonatal information that was out there,” she said. “It’s grown so much since the time I started working in this field.”

Adelman lives in North Carolina with her husband, Josh, and two children, Genepy and Gordon.

HPNF is honored to support nurses like Adelman on their professional journeys to improve patient care.

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