Mini’s Donor Story

Making the choice to bring her aging parents to the United States from India six years ago was both a difficult and easy decision for Mini Sharma Ogle. On one hand, she knew it would be very hard to move them so far from family, neighbors, and their community. On the other hand, she said, “The wonderful healthcare system in America would be able to care for them much more efficiently as they got older.”

When her father recently became gravely ill and was given six months to live, he began receiving hospice care. “We thought every moment would be his last,” she said. But throughout that difficult time, Mini “was astounded by the medical system in America, as I came from a country accustomed to providing a level of care based on how much the patient can afford.”

Remarkably, Mini’s father’s health gradually improved, and he is now receiving palliative care with a new lease on life. Mini was inspired by the entire healthcare team’s efforts to help her dad, but she said the nurses went above and beyond to care for him. “The nurses’ expert care was always dignified, and you could tell this was not just a job for them.”

HPNF is extremely proud and grateful to receive this meaningful donation, which will support the professional development and education of hospice and palliative nurses nationwide. Mini doubled the impact of her gift by requesting a matching gift from her employer. If you’d like to learn more or honor a hospice and palliative nurse with a gift to HPNF, visit our website or email When looking for a way to honor the nurses who helped her father, she searched for a worthy charity through her company’s employee giving platform. She found the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF) and made a generous contribution “to honor the nurses who helped my father have a second life.”