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The Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center takes pride in its exam security and makes every effort to ensure the validity of each of its exams. In coordination with our testing provider, PSI, data forensics analyses will be regularly performed to explore statistical trends to detect unusually high pass rates, item response and error similarities, abnormal item score patterns, and irregular time patterns. Information gathered around these trends is beneficial in detecting possible proxy testing, cheating, collusion, or item harvesting.

HPCC is pleased to share that through two forensic data analyses in 2022, there are no findings that challenge the validity of the HPCC certification exams.

Identifying test fraud and taking action are crucial components of maintaining the integrity of a certification program. The desirability of professional certifications may increase the likelihood that tests are targeted for fraudulent testing activity, and HPCC is happy to add this extra level of security to its exams in addition to the traditional test security protocols.

When a data forensics analysis detects trends consistent with cheating behavior, a series of investigations and in-depth analyses are used to confirm whether misconduct has happened. If fraudulent activity is confirmed, PSI works to help identify and implement corrective actions.

In addition to data forensics analyses, PSI is helping HPCC with its web crawling services to search the internet for proprietary test content. With the accelerating move to online and remote testing, this is another important precautionary step for test content protection that complements the other steps HPCC is already taking.