End-of-Life Care for Muslim Patients

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The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF) has received generous philanthropic support to develop a series of online educational training videos for hospice and palliative care nurses, tailored to cover fundamental considerations for caring for patients of various faith backgrounds.

End-of-life care means more than treating physical symptoms – it extends to a patient’s psychosocial, existential, and spiritual needs. Fostering trust is vital to the care of the patient and family during difficult times.

In today’s changing climate, it is important that we continue to learn about cultural differences in order to provide interculturally competent care. The payoff is significant – culturally sensitive care builds trust and rapport with patients and families, increases treatment acceptance, and opens the door for continuing education about important health matters within all communities.

“It is our goal to develop a menu of ‘on-the-go’ online learning resources for our busy health care professionals to reference to foster a better understanding of the diverse communities we serve,” said Michelle Webb, DNP, RN, CHPCA, 2023 HPNA and HPNF Board President.


Video 1: End-of-Life Care for Muslim Patients

The first in our series of Diversity in Health Care videos was made possible through a grant from the American Nurses Foundation. HPNF partnered with the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida to develop this resource for providing culturally appropriate care to patients observing the Islamic faith. In addition to this video, you may find this guide helpful: End of Life Care for Muslim Patients.