Informational Sheets

In the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association’s role as the lead organization in end-of-life and palliative nursing care, our commitment to advancing expert care in nursing has resulted in several series on informational sheets, as listed below.  These include Patient and Family Teaching Sheets, Quick Information Sheets, and TIPS Sheets. These sheets are all available in English, but some are also available in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.  The first three of each type of sheet are available to the general public, but the rest are available only to HPNA members though the member portal, which can be accessed by logging in to the page. 

Patient and Family Teaching Sheets

Patient and Family Teaching Sheets were created for what their name implies, patients and their family members who may be battling a serious illness. These sheets give a brief overview of conditions or issues that may need attention, and are written for a more general audience. See the list below for what issues and conditions are covered.

          Contemporary Therapies          Espanol   中国 
          Dementia          Espanol   中国 
          Final Days          Espanol   中国 
          Food and Fluid Issues          Espanol   中国 
          Grief and Mourning          Espanol   中国 
          HIV/AIDS          Espanol   中国   中國 
          Hospice Care in a Nursing Home          Espanol   中国 
          How to Prepare for Potential Bleeding          Espanol   中国 
          Managing Anxiety          Espanol   中国
          Managing Bladder Incontinence          Espanol   中国 
          Managing Bowel Incontinence          Espanol   中国
          Managing Constipation          Espanol   中国
          Managing Delirium          Espanol   中国
          Managing Depression          Espanol   中国
          Managing Fatigue          Espanol   中国
          Managing Nausea and Vomiting          Espanol   中国 
          Managing Opioid Induced Constipation          Espanol   中国 
          Managing Pain          Espanol   中国
          Managing Restlessness          Espanol   中国
          Managing Shortness of Breath          Espanol   中国
          Palliative Care and Hospice          Espanol   中国
          Planning Ahead for Health Care Decisions / Advance Care Planning          Espanol  
          Preparing the Children: Infants and Toddlers
          Preparing the Children: Preschool Ages 3-5 years
          Preparing the Children: Preteens and Teens
          Preparing the Children: School Ages 6-9 years
          Psychological Distress          Espanol   中国
          Respecting Cultural Beliefs          Espanol
          Seizures          Espanol   中国
          Self-Care for the Caregiver          Espanol   中国
          Skin Care          Espanol   中国
          Social Distress          Espanol   中国  
          Spiritual Distress          Espanol   中国
          Subcutaneous Medication Administration Infusions          Espanol

Quick Information Sheets

Quick Information Sheets provide a brief overview of a particular condition or disease process, common signs and symptoms, interventions for quality of life, and observations that are to be reported to the hospice and palliative care team. This information can be shared with the patient and family. Check the list below to see what Quick Information Sheets are available.

          Bag Bath          Espanol   中国   中國 
          Caring for Veterans: The Military History          Espanol
          Changes in Hydration in the Final Days          Espanol   中国
          Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Hospice and Palliative Patients          Espanol   中国
          Congestive Heart Failure in Hospice and Palliative Patients          Espanol   中国
          Decision Making for Treatment Options in Palliative Care       
          Delirium in Hospice and Palliative Patients          Espanol 
          End Stage Kidney Disease          Espanol   中国
          Home Funerals
          Pediatric Pearls          Espanol   中国
          Prevention of Pressure Ulcers          Espanol   中国
          Ritual in Perinatal and Pediatric Bereavement
          Side-by-Side Comparison of Home Care, Home Palliative Care, and Home Hospice          Espanol
          Spiritual Care          Espanol
          Veterans Death Benefits          Espanol
          What to Say and What Not to Say to Someone Whose Baby Died

TIPS Sheets

TIPS Sheets were created specifically for use by nursing assistants, to help with specific issues or situations they may encounter. These are also excellent resources for new nursing assistants.  See the list below for what TIPS Sheets are available.

          Assisting Patients Who Are Short of Breath          Espanol
          Communicating with Seriously Ill Patients          Espanol
          Constipation          Espanol
          Dementia          Espanol
          Dispelling Myths of Opioids          Espanol
          Infection Prevention in the Home Setting          Espanol   中国   中國
          Managing Fatigue          Espanol
          Nearing Death Awareness          Espanol
          Nursing Assistant Role in Pain Management          Espanol 
          Performance Scales
          Providing Emotional Support for the Family
          Recognizing Behaviors Indicating Patient has Pain          Espanol 
          Recognizing Pain in Patients With an Inability to Communicate Verbally          Espanol 
          Respecting the Patient and Family Cultural Beliefs          Espanol 
          Skin Care
          Swelling (Edema)
          Talking with Dying Patients          Espanol
          What Should You Report          Espanol
          What to Do When a Patient Dies at Home          Espanol

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